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First Name: Keith

Email: k******r@uwyo.edu

Location: Laramie, WY


Rate: Excellent

How did you find our website?: I asked for and was given the link to the website.


Likes/Dislikes:We have used the CBD Canine Chews for our dog who is ill and did not have an appetite. He immediately responded and is eating very well now and the Chews seem to have given him more pep as well. I have used the CBD ointment on my chronicly sore back with great results. The ointment diminishes the pain and feels great! I highly recommend these products!


How can we improve our service?: None at all. I'm very happy with all aspects of the Juicy Roots products and service. I have no hesitation in giving both the company and its personnel my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation!


Would recommend: Yes

What products would you like us to add to the store?: I'm happy with what you have now but remain open to whatever new products you might develop


First Name: Joyce

Email: j*******@bresnan.net

Phone: Laramie Wyoming


Rate: Excellent


How did you find our website?: This site was sent to me by Jenny Loveridge


Likes/Dislikes: The 2 mg CBD canine chews were (are) great for my dog who is dying from cancer. They improved his appetite substantially and increased his energy level.. I feel that they are keeping him alive. When Jenny first gave them to me for Archie (my dog), he was not eating much of anything and sleeping most of the time.. After a few days taking the chews, he was actively eating all his food and going for walks and enjoying life again. I Thank Jenny so very much for the chews that have made Archie's final months of life a time of enjoyment and comfort. Also, I have a pain in my leg from surgery and have been using the 1000 mg EBD Salve. The salve helps to reduce the pain and allows me to walk so much better. I thank Jenny for that as well!


How can we improve our service?: More publicity about all the wonderful things that these CBD products can do for people and animals should be made available to the public. It would be a great service to so many people if they knew about them.


Would recommend: Yes

What products would you like us to add to the store?: I don't know about other products or what else CBD can be used for.