Hemp Pellets 1lb


Dosage Recommendation:


1 Tablespoon = ~20mg CBD

1 Teaspoon = ~6.7mg CBD

1/2 Teaspoon = ~3.35mg CBD

1/4 Teaspoon = ~1.675mg CBD


Please see dosage chart below.

Additional Pellets

    *Intended for a variety of species: horses, donkeys,mules, goats, sheep, swine, poultry and pet caged birds, rabbits, and pocket pets.*


     Available in 1-4lb Bags


    • Hemp Pellets are created using pressed Hemp Meal, which contains 0.0% THC
    • Contains 20% plant protein, 30% insoluble fiber and 50% complex carbohydrates.
    • Pellets have been sterilized, sieved, and blended for safety, efficacy, and consistency.
    • A food-grade FDA approved mold inhibitor has been added to the pellets for additional shelf life.
  • USES:

    Reducing inflammation, reducing pain and inflammation, vomiting and nausea, muscle spasms, small intestine contractions, healthy immune function, healthy skin and coat, neuro-protective, relieves anxiety, reduces seizures and convulsions, inhibits cancer cell growth, reduces risk of artery blockage; promotes vascular health, antibacterial.


    Active Ingredients: 0.3% Phytocannabinoids


    Inactive Ingredients: Myco Curb, Apple Ade

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